Free Basic Income Worldwide Equals Elimination Of Poverty For Good

By Winston Eggerich

The GCA - World Change Coalition starts now the project "Free Basic Income Worldwide". The point of the project is to eliminate poverty for good.

How will we eliminate poverty for good? The solution is quite simple: Give money to the people.

In detail:

A free basic income to each person worldwide of minimum EUR 10/Greenbacks 13.50 weekly.That may appear not much but in developing countries this is the disparity between poverty and a regular life. Poverty means: Hunger, kids work and prostitution, eat waste, sickness; This can be changed, modified fast.

A free basic income worldwide would cause:

- Elimination of poverty (everybody has money) and diseases caused by poverty
- Elimination of survival crimes (caused by people in need to survive)
- Elimination of lowest salary (Like an international minimum wage)
- Elimination of population explosion (Kids as life assurance aren't required anymore)

Financing of the project:

The project just needs a start-up capital, then it is self-funding.

Participation with governments:

Governments are encouraged to take part because of the giant benefits:

- A free basic income to all residents
- Fiscal supporting of a free basic medical care, free basic education and more.

Free basic medical care and education:

Currently the majority of the humans are made to pay for medical care and education, a reason for poverty. This project's goal is also to offer a free basic health care and education that a correct living standard for all is possible.

The final stage:

A free basic income to all people worldwide which can finance the basic requirements of life.


- When the same basic income is paid worldwide it causes the salary move to the same level around the planet there aren't any more business refugees any more!
- Nobody is compelled to work to survive!

Besides the effect that it disposes of poverty is has the further effect to free folks from work. The states are targeting full employment but this is out-dated. Automated machines and leading edge technology will do our needed works more. It isn't the aim of the people to work, it is the target of the people to live as good as practicable with as little work as practical!

Say you get every month $1000 free money on your bank account:

- You are not compelled to work
- You don't have to work such a lot to have a correct monthly income
- You can take time outs from work
- As a young person you might travel around the world to experience foreign cultures and life styles
- It would be simpler for you to start self-employment or starting a business because there is a secure income anyway
- Many folks would be in a position to do in life what they want to do, realize their life dreams

Our present world is a complete catastrophe and we turn the backs on it: How can people live a made way of living so long as there are people in this world so poor that they loose the struggle for survival! We must not take this catastrophic world as given, we must not ignore this catastrophe, we've got the requirement to work for a better world. If you are a rich person it's your duty to support a change and with the Global Change Alliance, NOW YOU CAN!

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