Why Your Organization wants it a Banding Packaging

By Charles Davis

Banding packaging is actually a form of packaging often added outside of a shrink-wrap on foods, having a stockboard or paper band wrapped about the marketed product.

Some advantages of Banding Packaging includes

Banding packaging enables for printed advertising and marketing supplies to wrap around the product.
The banding can hold together multiple items or packages for promoting.
Banding is comparatively inexpensive for the manufacturer.

Prevalent Makes use of of Banding Packaging

Banding packaging may well be made use of on a wide range of items to hold numerous items together for presentation inside the retailer.

Paper or sticky-label banding, wrapped about the complete item, normally consists of brand name and advertising and marketing information and facts, and acts as an further label for the item.

Banding packaging is utilised around shrink-wrapped food items to offer labeling, as well as around multiple pairs of socks, food storage containers, boxes of light bulbs, or other items sold in groups.

A stockboard band without having a sticky back slips about plastic or paper items, or perhaps a sticky-label band may be added around items that won't be damaged by the label glue (like shrink wrapped meats, or socks).

Marketing with Banding Packaging

Marketing teams design labeling specifically for the banding strips that will be wrapped around items for sale is common these days.

In some cases, the band itself is the only label on the product (as with bundled food-storage boxes contained within a cardboard band).

Other instances, the band adds further marketing space for an item already labeled (which include a meat package shrink-wrapped with its content label, and further item or provider advertising and marketing facts added for the band.
The banding packaging method may also be applied to promote deals and unique presents. It is actually in particular helpful for two-for a single delivers, or invest in 1, get one no cost provides, since the banding itself can bundle the items getting sold together as part from the offer you.

Process and Price of Banding Packaging

Banding packaging is fairly inexpensive, specifically when in comparison to some forms of boxing, with layers of plastic and foam packaging within the box.

In situations where the label consists of auxiliary advertising messages, it may possibly be a deliberate option to add the expense of an additional label, for the perceived pay-off with the marketing itself. In other circumstances, the banding is an inexpensive way both to include the marketed items, and to present the company and logo information.

Consumers like banding packaging for its simple accessibility and the low volume of garbage it creates. A sticky paper label is quickly torn to access the contents, along with a stockboard "sleeve" banding is simply slipped off the merchandise.

Even in the shop, the cardboard band could be briefly removed to access and investigate the items within, and easily replaced if the consumer decides not to buy that certain item.

The truth is, banding packaging is so unobtrusive--in the sense of a customer's ease of opening the product--which lots of consumers do not think of it as packaging at all. Nevertheless, the marketing and advertising messages on the bands themselves are clearly perceived, creating banding packaging a win for both consumer and manufacturer.

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