Discover the Various types of Funeral Caskets

By James Harris

For some various societies and beliefs, caskets are a part of the funeral tradition after the death of a beloved. Caskets come in many shapes, types and materials. Most people desire to acquire their casket prior to death instead of leaving the responsibility for close relatives. Often, however, it can be members of the family or close friends who choose the casket and is also helpful to understand the number of casket types just before obtain.

Funeral caskets are needed since they are going to be seen at funeral services. The departed individual is going to be buried in it but it will surely be the final memory that a lot of family and friends will have of the deceased. Finding a funeral casket is a decision that many members of the family must all agree with. Usually people shop for a casket from a funeral home. Funeral homes, also known as funeral parlors, are designed to assist families manage and arrange a funeral service for their departed loved one. A funeral home may provide a wide selection of funeral caskets. Most areas will have their options available for viewing or perhaps in a brochure display. Depending on the variety of caskets offered, there is commonly a large selection to select from. Funeral caskets are made of much different content. They could also come with several styles or artwork, if desired. For instance, a casket could have crosses, hearts, angels, or any other calm or religious ark work carved in. There are also caskets that include detachable pieces, allowing close relatives to keep this as a memorabilia.

Wood caskets. As the name implies, hardwood caskets are made of all natural hardwoods, like oak, birch, maple, cedar, black walnut, mahogany and elm. The title "hardwood" would not consider the hardness of the wood, but simply to the wood of leaf-bearing trees. These caskets are handcrafted, sanded, then finished with a wood shine or painted. Since no two pieces of hardwood look the same, each hardwood casket has a somewhat different look.

Metal caskets with veneer finishes are less costly compared to the more solid wooden caskets while they are sometimes comparable in value to midrange wooden caskets. The metal models have become increasingly popular, moving ahead of bronze and copper caskets. Another kind of casket is the copper and bronze Caskets. Copper and bronze caskets offer a different elegance that is proof against corrosion and they are durable. These come in 40-oz or 32-0z (thickness) with safety seal hardware.

Wooden caskets would be the Ideal option for cremation. These are consists of natural materials that is suitable for the environmental concerns of many of individuals who choose cremation. Wood made caskets are approved as a combustible container for the cremation chamber as well. A cloth covered caskets are made of softwoods, pressed wood or corrugated fiberboard. They are covered with cloth as well as have completed interiors. And last, is the steel casket. The metal normally used in the creation of caskets is 16, 18, or 20 gauges with 16 gauges being the heaviest and 20 gauges being the heaviest. 20 gauges will be the most affordable metal caskets.

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